Sweet Tea & Transparency is the place where women can come together, be completely transparent with ourselves about topics ranging from the importance of self-care, healing from broken relationships, trauma, abuse, friendships, validations, and much more! 

Once a month-  join me the Host SHO, And a phenomenal group of women from all journeys of life to offer respectful dialogue and comforting conversations,  discussing some topics many consider uncomfortable. Unpopular opinions and controversial topics are all around us! Unspoken truths that seem painful and shameful actually offer relief and healing once expressed. That is why this sacred place was created so that women can invite each other into their space to allow many unspoken truths that haven’t been spoken before.

We learn to stripe pieces of our old selves while building and placing new intricate pieces to become our best new and self!

Come Join Us for Uncomfortable Conversations, Self-Care Building Workshops, Amazing Food/Drinks, Giveaways, And a chance to connect with other women who are just. like.you…

***Location is Private, and will be emailed once ticket has been purchased***

Your ticket consist of:

Snacks and More Snacks! (Not those fancy hors d’oeuvre that won’t get you full, haha.)

Unlimited Refreshments! (Who doesn’t love Winee? There will also be juice, and water as well)

Goodie Bag! (A few items that will be a surprise, but will keep you on track after you leave…until we meet again!)

Tickets are non-refundable. 🙁

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